Saturday, January 26, 2008

New Delhi Games Village 2010

New Delhi is a business and political hub for India since medivial times till date. This is what it is famous for, in and outside India. It had an opportunity to host the Asian Games in 1981 but that was way back. It has regained its reputation as a business and political hub since then. What really is happening now is that New Delhi has to prove and present itself as a city which is a sports hub too apart from being just what it is.

New Delhi Games Village is something completly new that is happening in New Delhi or even in India

The Indian capital will have five new stadiums and a Games Village for the Commonwealth Games 2010 to be held in October.

One indoor stadium each will be constructed at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium for weightlifting, Indira Gandhi Sports Complex for wrestling, Siri Fort for badminton and squash and Yamuna Complex for table tennis.

New Delhi games village plan

A 47.3 hectare (118 acre) picturesque site has been selected on the banks of the holy river Yamuna. To be created at a cost of USD 40 million, the Games Village has been underwritten by the government. There will be no cost to the Organizing Committee. Within its immediate vicinity are heritage monuments and historical landmarks. Combined with the dense green natural cover on the sides, it will be a relaxing and soothing environment for the athletes and officials. Athletes and Officials from all sports will stay at this one village. This facility will provide ultimate world class facility to the athlete. The development is in full swing.

Delhi University was asked to build the Aquatics Center but its inability to build it due to many different reasons have been shown, other venues for holding aquatics events and rugby were under review.

The government is on the look out for many other venues in and around New Delhi to hold many different events. The planning are all complete and it's just the implementation that is taking place.

Setting out a time table, government said the work on sports venues was proposed to be completed by December 2009, which is a kind of risk if you compare it with the dates when the games are supposed to start, the Games Village by August 2010 and civic infrastructure in phases by September 2010.



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